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Reading Wrap Up | January

We only have 10 days of February left but I have just this moment decided I want to do a wrap up of what I read in January. I'm thinking I will start doing these monthly because I don't always review what I read so this may be a good quick insight into what I read in a month. Let me know if you enjoy it and now on to the books!

January reading wrap upCirce by Madeline Miller (audiobook)
My first read of 2019 was a good one! This is all about Greek mythology and follows Circe, the daughter of the titan Helios and her lifetime, from being an odd child who was seen as ugly among gods, to being banished to an island where she discovers she can do withcraft.
I really enjoyed this book. Circe is such a strong female character and her (fictional) life was so interesting to follow and was very accurate to Greek mythology. Circe is also beautifully written and I can definitely recommend the audio version too as the narrator was fantastic.
Sadie by Courtney Summers (audiobook)
January reading wrap upSadie is another one I listened to the audio version of and I definitely think it's the best way to read Sadie as it's just such a fantastic example of how well audiobooks can work, I think if I had read the physical copy my score would've been a 4/5.
The story is told partly as a regular story following Sadie and partly in the format of a podcast that is investigating Sadie's dissapearance, think of the podcast being like Serial. The audiobook version has a full voice cast and it really brings the book to life, it's so clever.
As mentioned, Sadie has gone missing. She is on the hunt for her little sisters killer. It is every bit as dark and tragic as it sounds and has some very disturbing topics covered, but it's a compelling story and very cleverly crafted. 
January reading wrap upRich People Problems by Kevin Kwan
This is the third book in the Crazy Rich Asians series. I recently saw the film so I thought I had to finally get round to reading the third (and I think final) book in the series.
Like the previous books this is incredibly fun and addictive read and the descriptions of how expensive and over the top things were still had my jaw dropping which I thought I would be used to by now!
Su Yi, who is like Asian royalty is on her death bed and so all of the characters from previous books, and quite a few new ones fly out to Singapore as a last ditch attempt to get in her will and fight over who will receive Tyersall Park, one of the biggest and grandest estates there is.

January reading wrap upStrange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami
At just 176 pages this was a very short and sweet read. Tsukiko is drinking alone at her local bar when she bumps into one of her old school teachers. After meeting once the pair keep running into each other and this is all about how their relationship develops.
Strange Weather in Tokyo is a very gentle read, there are no huge epic scenes but that doesn't detract from the fact that it is totally lovely but it did make me cry. Thinking back, it was quite a beautiful story. 
January reading wrap upThe Binding by Bridget Collins
The blurb of the binding talks about how Emmett Farmer is going to be a book binders apprentice, so as you can imagine as a fan of books automatically I was like, YES. The Binding is so much more than this though and the process of binding is actually to remove someones memories and place them in a book which would ensure they don't remember it ever again, but this is a profession that is feared by the poor and abused by the rich.
I really enjoyed The Binding. I went in expecting one thing and got something completely different which I really enjoyed, the only part which is questionable to me was the ending as it seemed quite out of character for Emmett. 
The Binding is a great mix of historical fiction, magical realism, mystery and just a pinch of romance. Very enjoyable.

January reading wrap upThe Nursery by Bill Thompson
The last book I read this month was one I was really excited for but sadly ended up falling really flat for me.
I love a good ghost story and in The Nursery there is a room that has been a locked room that has sat empty for 50 years with a key that can't be found, until the new owners of the house move in and start to poke around, sounds incredible right?
Unfortunately I thought this book was poorly written and there were a lot of conveniences in this book that helped wrap everything up neatly. The saving grace is that there a couple of very spine tingly moments that happen, but besides those this is a messy and not too frighting book.

I'm actually surprisingly pleased with how much I managed to read in January, definitely a good start to the year which is great because I know February will not be anywhere near as good. Have you read any of these books? Or do any of them peak your interest? 



  1. You read loads in January! I only managed 1 full book, which was Ostrich by Matt Greene and I LOVED that. But the other one was one I was finishing from December. It took me over a month to read so you can imagine what I thought about that.

    I haven't read any of these but it's a shame the ghost story fell flat. I love a Horror book or film but so disappointed when it's like... not scary haha!


  2. Well done, I haven't read any of these

  3. I do love to read but I've not read any od these. I really need to move out of my regular genre and get more variety. Mich x

  4. I really need to get on to Sadie. I'm hearing only amazing things from everyone who has read it

  5. Sounds like you had a really great month, apart from the last one. Circe, Sadie and The Binding are all on my TBR so I'm glad you enjoyed them.
    Gemma @ Gemma's Book Nook

  6. Omg Circe sounds like a book for me for sure!! Thanks xx

  7. Looks like you had a real good month.

  8. I'm envious of your book list! I just don't seem to have time to read unless I'm travelling somewhere. I've been reading the same series of books (outlander) for the last two years on airplanes only, lol!

  9. You read a good amount of books in January! Strange Weather in Tokyo and Sadie sound really interesting! It's a shame The Nursery wasn't that good since the plot looked intriguing.

  10. I have wanted to read Circe for quite a while now :) What a month!


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