Thursday, 8 November 2018

Cakeworthy X Goosebumps Collections

a book themed bag

So this post was originally scheduled for October, but thanks to my order being held in customs jail it was a bit delayed.... My fondness for all creepy related books is no secret (hello I did a whole month dedicated to horror books!) so when I saw the Cakeworthy X Goosebumps collection I was so excited and knew I had to purchase some goodies! Goosebumps is one of the original book series that got me into the horror genre and R.L Stine will forever be one of my fave authors.

Cakeworthy normally specialises in Disney inspired clothing, I own a few of their flannel shirts so it was interesting to see them branch out into another franchise that I love. I picked up the bag as you can see in the photo above, it's the perfect size to fit a book in and a few essentials like phone, purse and make up. I recently used this bag at a book event and got so many compliments on it, clearly I was in the right place! I also picked up the Reader Beware flannel as well, I mentioned that I already own a few of these and they are so comfortable and easy to style, I definitely recommend them.

Here are a few more images from the look book, I had to restrain myself from ordering everything! All images are from the Cakeworthy website.

a goosebumps jumper

A goosebumps flannel

pinsThe only downside to ordering from Cakeworthy, for those of us in the UK is that we are hit with customs as the clothing is shipped from NA. This is nothing unusual though and is easy to calculate in advance what the customs charge will be, but this does mean it ends up being more expensive for those of us over seas!

What do you think of the collection? Will you be picking any up? Check out the full collection here: Cakeworthy X Goosebumps collection


  1. OH MY GOD! These items are so fun! I loved the Goosebumps series!

  2. I didn't get into ghostbumps as a kid but these are seriously cool items. Not cool for the customs aspect though x

  3. Oh wow I loved reading Goosebumps as a child!! Since having kids my love of horror books & reading in general has been put aside sadly, but these items are so fab it's making me want to start again x

  4. My daughter would absolutely LOVE this! She's such a Goosebumps fan. Great Xmas gift idea!

  5. I seriously bloody love that shirt!!! I loved Goosebumps booked when I was a kid so this is really speaking to 12 year old me haha!

    Katie xoxo

  6. These are great ideas for Christmas gifts for goosebumps fans. Shame about the customs thing. Kaz

  7. I loved Goosebumps! Those books were so wonderfully creepy, fond memories of being scared silly as a kid!

  8. Not heard of Goosebumps, but im sure kids would love these items as a gift xx

  9. I love the goosebumps books and movies so did my daughter .love that hoodie too


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