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Blogoween - Creepy Comics for Chilly Nights

5 graphic novels archie, clean room, ice cream man, outcast and locke and key

I've previously mentioned my love of graphic novels on the blog before so I thought it would be nice to share some of the more creepy ones that would make perfect Halloween reads, although they are great year round! Here are five for now, although if there is interest I can definitely extend the list in the future!

a page from the clean room volume 1

1. Clean Room Vol 1: Immaculate Conception

Chloe Pierce is a journalist who's fiancée has just committed suicide after reading a self help book by a so called guru, Astrid Mueller and Chloe is convinced there is something in the book that caused her fiancée to kill himself.
Because of this Chloe tries to infiltrate Astrid's organisation and also investigate the rumours of the so called 'Clean Room' where your deepest fears and worst moments are revealed.
Clean Room is super super weird. It's also full of very gorey and creepy moments so you have been warned. A lot of the times I was reading this I was very shocked, but in a good way. I think people will either love this or hate this and I personally loved the shock factor of this and can't wait to pick up the second volume to find out what happens next. This is a total WTF read.

a page from the Locke and Key volume 1

I'm on a total Joe Hill (the son of Stephen King) kick at the moment and have been binge reading his books so when I saw he did a graphic novel, especially one with the word Lovecraft in the title I knew I had to pick it up.
A mum and three kids are sent to Lockehouse, a mansion in New England that belonged to their husband/father who has sadly been murdered. Lockehouse itself is pretty much a haunted mansion and the family quickly discover this as weird and horrible stuff happens to them.
Honestly the story is so fantastic, I think this is a great one for people who are new to graphic novels as it really shows how incredible stories pair so well with great art work.

a page from the Afterlife with Archie volume 1

Archie is actually the first comic book I ever read. I was about 7 years old and my nan bought me back some issues from America, along with Betty and Veronica and Jughead too so I'm super excited to see all of the reboot stuff going on and the success of Riverdale on Netflix.
Not only does this comic has Archie in it, but also the rebooted Sabrina too, another one of my absolute faves! Jugheads dog Hotdog has been killed and Sabrina steps in to bring him back to life, but of course things aren't as simple as that and her spell has some terrible consequences.
I'm totally biased but I loved this one, and the colour palette in the pages I've shown here is kept throughout the whole of the story which adds to the intrigue as well.

a page from graphic novel ice cream man

I love the cover of this one so much, I think it looks gorgeous especially considering the content inside is pretty evil, creates a great contrast.
The Ice Cream Man is almost like the story teller, and his tales are pretty evil. Rather than this being one long story, it is like a comic anthology made up of short stories. Some are definitely better than others but most are very enjoyable and there should be something in here to cater for all tastes.

a page from outcast volume one

Outcast is from the mastermind behind The Walking Dead graphic novel so you know off the bat it is going to be good.
This is a supernatural horror (my fave type) about Kyle whose family has been involved in demonic possession all his life. As an adult he tries to uncover what lies behind the supernatural manifestations and why he seems to be so special. It's good, and gorey, stuff.

So there you have it, five graphic novels to keep you up at night! Let me know if you have any recommendations for me or if you have read any in the series!



  1. Now these sound like some awesome comics. I hands up love something creepy and horror filled but I've never thought of looking at comics for a good fix! What a great idea.

  2. Oh gosh! I'm not sure I'm brave enough to read any of these before bed, especially around Halloween!

  3. I love these especially at this time of the year, the illustrations are fantastic my 17 year old would love these as well :)

  4. I can't wait to have a night in watching scary movies for Halloween - my favourite is Hocus Pocus!

  5. These do look creepy! I used to love graphic novels. Time to revisit them, I think.

  6. The Ice Cream Man looks interesting. I would love to read it. Hoping I can find one in the bookstore near me!

  7. I am not one for comics or creepy but these are pretty intriguing

  8. Oh wow these comics look so cool and perfect for Halloween inspired reading

    Laura x

  9. I am OBSESSED with the Locke & Key series!! <3 Great list!


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