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Book Review | This is Going to Hurt: Secrets of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay

a book review of this is going to hurt
My Rating: 10/10
Published: September 7th 2017
Pages: 256
Genre: Nonfiction, Memoir
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Adam Kay was a junior doctor for six years before an incident happened that made him reevaluate his career which ultimately lead to him leaving his position. During his time as a junior doctor however, he kept a diary of all of this training which luckily for everyone, he turned into This is Going to Hurt.

This is Going to Hurt follows Adam's career as a junior doctor as he worked his way through the ranks at different hospital placements, including his years when he decided on his specialism as an obstetrician and gynaecologist, or as it is lovingly referred to in the book,  brats and twats.

Long time readers of my blog will probably be shocked to see that I actually read something that is nonfiction, and that I loved it so much. This was recommended to me by a bunch of reader friends whose opinions I value highly, so me being the sheep that I am had to pick it up, and I fricking loved it. I'm talking top 3 books I've read this year loved it.

This book is funny, full on snorting on a busy train and cackling out loud funny. I raced through this book so quickly and laughed at it so much that even my husband, who is not a reader wants to give this a go. Adam Kay has gone on to be a comedy writer since leaving the NHS and the comedic tone of this book is a perfect juxtaposition to the dark undercurrent of the book.

Filled with many anecdotes of funny incidents that happened on the job, such as when one young man decided to put a small wax candle in his penis and light it for his girlfriends birthday resulting in wax dripping down to his bladder.... Did I mention this book isn't really great for those who are squeamish? As you can imagine though, working in the obstetrician ward and delivering babies all day can be greatly rewarding, and at times completely devastating, all of which is covered in this book making it heartwarming and heartbreaking on so many levels.

To those outside the UK, this book is a great read regardless, but to those in the UK this book will be a particularly special read as it reveals much more of what junior doctors have to go through, the awful hours, abuse, lack of personal life and low pay. The fact that it all got so much that Adam Kay had to resign makes it especially awful as it is abundantly clear throughout the book how much passion he had for medicine and helping people. Junior doctors really are being pushed to the limit and it's incredibly worrying for the future of our NHS. Here is to hoping that people pick up this incredibly witty and well written book and it helps fuel the argument around junior doctors! 

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