Thursday, 30 August 2018

I Heart Audio Dramas | Part Two

Continuing on from I Heart Audio Dramas, part one, I finally bring you the second part in this series! For those of you who haven't listened to an audio drama, they are typically serialized stories acted out by a full voice cast and they are incredible, Here are three more that I have been digging recently:

top audio dramas1. The White VaultGenre: Thriller, mystery, horror
Average Episode Length: 25 minutes
No. of Episodes: 10
Good if you like: Serial, X Files, Lost

The White Vault is a relatively new audio drama and is only on it's first season but it has quickly become one of my favourites and I can't wait for season two to be released.
A repair team consisting of some of the brightest minds have been sent to an outpost in Svalbard, a cold and harsh area where they get snowed in. They quickly realise there is a lot more to the area than meets the eye and we follow them in their journey of discovery. This is told through found letters, documents and audio tapes after the incident has happened making it even creepier. 

2. Wolf 359

top audio dramasGenre: Sci-fi, drama

Average Episode Length: 20 - 40 mins, later episodes are longer
No, of Episodes: 61 with many mini episodes too
Good if you like: Star Trek, Enders Game, Steven Universe 
Wolf 359 follows Officer Doug Eiffel on his time above the U.S.S Hephaestus, a massive space station, and his encounters with the rest of the crew as they look out for life outside of planet earth.
The podcast starts very light and fluffy with each episode seeming to have a different story, but quite quickly these all go together to form a greater plot line, one filled with drama, tragedy and mystery whilst still being funny,
Wolf 359 has some of the best fleshed out characters I have seen as well as voice acting and production which really makes you feel for the characters, I'm not ashamed to say I definitely cried at one point! 

top audio dramas3. The Bright Sessions
Genre: Sci-fi
Average Episode Length: 25 minutes
No of Episodes: 74
Good if you like: X-Men, 
The Bright Sessions are recordings of the therapy sessions from Dr Bright, but Dr Bright's therapy patients aren't your average kind of patients, they are what are known as atypicals. Atypicals are people with unique abilities, such as the power to read minds or time travel.
The first few episodes are incredibly interesting to listen to, and as time goes on a greater plot develops and there is way more to the situation than what it first appears. The voice acting and production on this is also very high and I'm very excited that there will be books based in this universe and a TV adaptation of the podcast!


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