Saturday, 11 February 2017

I Heart Audio Dramas | Part One

I like audio dramas

If you follow me on Twitter you will most likely have seen me at one point or another raving about an audio drama because I LOVE them. It's a bit like a audio book, but there are often several actors acting out dialogue and instead of being a long recording they are split into episodes and series making it easier to listen to in bite sized chunks. Audio dramas are also most often free and I listen to them through iTunes.

Before I get started on sharing some of my favourite ones I just had to mention this speaker I got recently. It is the Comiso speaker that I got from Amazon. I mainly listen to audio dramas whilst cross stitching because I can listen to it whilst looking at my work. Headphones always got tangled in my work and the built in speaker on the iPhone is just poor quality so I invested in the ...... speaker. Oh my gosh it is a game changer! I didn't realise just how bad the iPhone
speaker quality is until I got this and it has increased my love for audio dramas even more, plus, it's rose gold!

Anyway, enough gushing about speakers. I listen to a lot of audio dramas so I expect this is going to turn into a series of blogpost but I thought it would be best to start with my top three favourite audio dramas.
a podcast that investigates a missing town
1. Limetown
Genre: Thriller, mystery
Average Episode Length: 30 minutes
No. of Episodes: 6
Good if you like: Serial, X Files
Limetown is the first audio drama I ever listened to and kicked off the obsession for me. The format is very Serial like, a weekly podcast by a journalist as she investigates Limetown, a town that had a population of over 300 people, all of which vanished without a trace one day as she tries to find out what happened to everyone.

a podcast that investigates the supernatural 2. The Black Tapes
Genre: Paranormal, Horror
Average Episode Length: 40 minutes
No. of Episodes: 2 seasons, 12 episodes
Good if you like: Serial, Creepypasta
Another Serial type podcast which sees journalist Alex Reagan investigating the supernatural. On her investigation she meets professional paranormal investigator Dr Richard Strand who is on a mission to debunk all paranormal claims. He has successfully managed to do this for most cases, apart from those he calls The Black Tapes which he and Alex investigate further. Very spooky.

3. LifeAfter
a sci fi thriller podcastGenre: Sci Fi, Thriller
Average Episode Length: 25 minutes
No. of Episodes: 10
Good if you like: Black Mirror
Life After is a great audio drama to start off with if you have never listened to one before. It's a short series and only one season long so you don't end in suspense as you wait for a new season and it's amazingly well acted, it may be my favourite one yet.
Voice Tree is a social media site where people can record messages for other people to listen to, almost like a vlog but voice only. Ross's wife has unfortunately passed but he still listens to her voice through her Voice Tree messages, until one day he hears about the mysterious LifeAfter, an app that seems to be able to use Voice Tree to recreate a digital AI of people who have died that is able to communicate, but it's not as straight forward as it seems...

So there is three to start you off with. As I mentioned I definitely recommend starting with LifeAfter, it is fantastic! And expect more posts like this in the future as I am binging through lots of audio dramas at the moment.

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