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Book Review | The Creeper Man by Dawn Kurtagich

book review
My Rating: 5/10
Published: November 1st 2016
Pages: 320
Genre: Young Adult, Horror 
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Nori and Silla have run away from an awful home to go and live with their aunt Cath in her manor in the middle of nowhere. 
At first things are great and Nori and Silla are finally getting a stable home life, but after a while it becomes obvious that they have moved from one nightmare straight into another as the trees seem to move by themselves and one of the sisters sees a tall man with no eyes who appears to be constantly watching them, the Creeper Man. 

My husband got me this book for Christmas and I've been on such a horror kick at the moment that I had very high expectations for a creepy masterpiece judging by the blurb. Unfortunately I think in this case my expectations were far too high for this book so I ended up feeling very let down by it.

I assumed this book would be a lot more chilling, but from a horror point of view it was very tame and I didn't find it scary at all. The Creeper Man never seemed to propose a real threat and whilst the thought of the trees moving is unsettling, nothing much seems to happen. A lot of this book feels like it is spent just waiting.

Despite the lack of fear factor, the story itself is interesting, although for me took far too long to tell. For about 75% of this book I was forcing myself to read it, however the ending pulls it all together and I think it is a very well crafted and interesting concept. 

Dawn Kurtagich also uses a lot of great literary techniques that really help to set the tone of the story, for example when Silla is the main focus the narration often because fragmented and skips in time to help illustrate her fear.                

Unfortunately I personally didn't enjoy this book, it just not have the scare factor that I was hoping for. This review is hugely based on my personal opinion of the book though, so if the plot sounds interesting to you I would still encourage you to read it because although I didn't enjoy it I can still appreciate that it is a well written piece of work.                

And with that book two of 2017 is done! 2 down, 15 more to go before I can buy a new book.

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