Friday, 16 December 2016

I'm back! Hopefully...

Hello, it's been a while hasn't it!

Sometimes life likes to throw a lot of things at you all at the same time, which can make blogging very hard. After taking such a prolonged period off I was wondering whether or not I should get back into blogging at all and after a massive internal debate I decided to go ahead and do it because I enjoy it and I love shouting about what books I've been enjoying recently, and I have read some proper corkers this month which has really reignited my love for the book community.

So yes, normal blogging to resume shortly, mainly reviews because lets be honest, they are easier than features as I am always reading! In the meantime though, here is a very brief update of my personal life and where I went!

First off, in September I got married! It truly was the most perfect day and I wouldn't change a single thing about it. As you can imagine planning a wedding can make things a bit stressful but I also had another major event that I was in charge of that weekend. Basically I ended up so stressed out that I collapsed twice in the space of the month, the second time 2 days before my wedding which resulted in a super sexy bruise on my elbow and back, not to mention a lump on my head.

Following the wedding, I went straight to San Diego to work at Twitchcon which was equal parts tiring and incredible. It also enabled my husband and I to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon as it is a lot cheaper to fly there from San Diego than it is from London.
Hawaii was heavenly, we had the best time there and I seriously wish we could get a chance to go back in the future but that is very unlikely. 

After returning home I essentially had a quarter life crisis so cut off 10 inches of my hair to donate to The Little Princess Trust and managed to raise £500 for Cancer Research at the same time. As if the cut wasn't a drastic enough change as it was I also decided to bleach it and colour it purple.

And now we are here. A time when I finally feel slightly settled and less frantic and hopefully with enough time to blog regularly! Fingers crossed. So yea, sorry for all the excuses but I'm back baby! 


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