Friday, 19 August 2016

Pokémon Go Book Tag

I am a massive Pokémon fan, from the anime, to the trading cards and of course the video games so when I saw this amazing book tag created by Read at Midnight I just knew I had to do it myself!

Pokémonwise, my first starter was actually Bulbasaur. I'm a sucker for anything cute, unfortunately the evolutions of all these Pokémon are more on the scary side!
Bookwise though, I think it would have to be a couple of the Enid Blyton series. I can't actually remember which one I read first, The Farway Tree, The Twins at St Claires, The Naughtiest Girl in School and the Malory Towers collection all hold a fond place in my heart.

Without a doubt this one has to be the Harry Potter series. It's a series that I grew up with and loved from the very first moment. The books did an amazing job of creating the magical world and when I didn't get my Hogwarts invite at eleven I was sorely disappointed. I've re-read the books countless times and always watch the movies every year when they start showing them for Christmas. 

This one is a toughie. A book being popular doesn't normally put me off but I think 50 Shades of Gray is a good answer for this one. It's not because it was popular that I hated it, it's because it was fricking awful. I purely read it for the sex scenes because that is what made it, but I found them to be lacklustre and not even that kinky. I had to force myself to finish it because I can't not finish a book I started, but boy that was a struggle and no way was I going back for books two and three. 

This is a toughie. I feel like during the massive dystopian phase that seemed to be spurred on by The Hunger Games a few years ago, everyone was trying to be the next dystopian masterpiece. I wasn't too bothered by it though because I love the genre and was happy to read all of the books. No single book/series particularly stands out to me, so I will just say Dystopian YA circa The Hunger Games era!

A Court of Thorns and Roses! The blurb sounds incredible and everyone has said how amazing A Court of Mist and Fury is but I've seen the size of that sucker, and the first one is no novella either so I'm pretty scared. I think I will get a few shorter books out of the way before I tackle these two, but I'm so excited I really can't wait to dig into them.
On a slight side note, most of my reading is actually done on a Kindle so a lot of the time I don't actually know the size of the book when I start, it has it's pros and cons!

Definitely The Secret of Crickley Hall by James Herbert. I love James Herbert and this was the first book of his I've read. It's basically a haunted house story but I don't think I've ever been so scared by a book before, scary books are way worse than scary movies! I actually remember being in the bath and reading it and having to stop and put it down because I was convinced I could hear noises.

Not going to lie, I had to look up what OTP actually stands for, god I'm old! This is a toughie. Relationships don't really stick out to me too much so I'm just going to go down the very vanilla route and say Harry and Ginny, even though I don't actually think I liked the pairing that much when I first read about it, but now I'm older I appreciate it. 

Funnily enough I'm going to say Fan Girl. The actual pace of the book is actually quite slow and sweet, but I loved the book so much I couldn't put it down and ended up racing through it in a couple of days. It reignited my passion for reading after bit of a slump this year. 

Harry Potter obvs. From the films, to the play and everything they are doing on Pottermore, everything is always of such high quality that it is never a let down and I'm not ready yet too give up the magical world so I welcome anything they wish to produce with welcome arms.  

My nan bought me back a paperback book from when she went to America called Dorothy Must Die. I'm sure loads of you will have heard of it but basically I judged it by the title and thought it was just going to be bit of a naff retelling of the Wizard of Oz. It's more of a story set in the Oz universe after a lot of time has passed and I actually loved it and ended up whizzing through the rest of the series pretty quickly.

I can't believe I'm saying Harry Potter for a third time, but seriously I love that series. I've re-read it so many times and still love it. I am so excited for the Pottermore short stories too, I've preordered them all already.

Oh there are so many! Most of them are from publishers that are names after birds. The Puffin in Bloom children's editions are so swoon worthy, and last time I was in Waterstones they had a gorgeous set of classic books from Penguin, they had lovely patterns and were hard back, although I also like their pocket versions too! These books would be purely to stare at though, as they are not my normal read at all.

Rainbow Rowell! I have only read Fan Girl and Carry On so this may be bit of a bold statement to make but Fan Girl is one of the best books I have read in ages, and although I wasn't a huge fan of Carry On I still went ahead and bought all of her books at YALC because I love her writing style and I think I would prefer the rest of her work a lot more.

I'm not actually waiting on any prereleases at the moment, my current TBR is far too long (other than the Pottermore short stories but they don't count) so I think I will answer this question on behalf of a lot of other people and say the last Game of Thrones book. It's been delayed so many times, to be honest it wouldn't surprise me if it never gets finished to be honest because George RR Martin seems pretty content with the way of the TV series....

This is such a cool tag to do, thank you so much to Read at Midnight for creating such an inventive tag. I wasn't actually tagged to do it by anyone but I went ahead anyway so I am tagging anyone who is like me and just fancies doing a fun tag! 


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